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Other Courses

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At OnlineAcademyUK.com you will find details of all our other innovative courses.

These include:

Fire Safety Skills

This award in Fire Safety allows candidates to develop essential basic fire safety awareness.

The course has been designed and written by an experienced training consultant and Company Director who holds a degree in Management & Training and a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Sector.

Her knowledge and expertise in the planning, facilitation and design of training courses will allow you to gain the maximum benefit from this important but easy to learn Fire Safety Awareness course.

The course carries the award of appropriate levels of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Points on successful conclusion.

The course is suitable for employers or employees who need a good knowledge of fire safety in the workplace and who may take on a designated workplace fire safety responsibility.

Completion of the course will provide the knowledge that will allow candidates to carry out their duties relating to fire safety and emergency procedures.

Food Hygiene (Level 2)

This course is aimed at anyone who handles food as part of their job.

UK Food Hygiene Legislation requires all food handlers to be trained or instructed in the the basics of food safety. The Food Standards Agency estimates that 45% of food handlers are untrained and this contributes to the 70,000+ cases of food poisoning in the UK each year.

This course is on-line. It has been designed by CIEH registered trainers and meets all the requirements of the legislation.

The course consists of three sections each with a multiple choice test at the end. On successful completion of the course your certificate is genererated live on-line for you to print and save.

The cost is just £20 per individual and there is a 20% discount for enrolling multiple students from the same company.

Food Hygiene (Level 2) - Polish Language Version

Kurs ten skierowany jest do każdego, kto ma kontakt z żywnościa w ramach swojej pracy.

Angielskie Prawo Hygieny Zywnosci (UK Food Hygiene Legislation) wymaga, aby wszyscy pracujący z żywnością zostali przeszkoleni i poinstruowani w zakresie podstawowych zasad bezpieczeństwa zywnosci. Agencja Standardow Zywnosci (Food Standards Agency) szacuje, że 45% osob majacych kontakt z żywnością w pracy jest niekompetentnych, a to przyczynia się do 70.000 przypadków zatruć pokarmowych w Wielkiej Brytanii każdego roku. Kurs ten jest dostepny on-line. Został on zaprojektowany przez zarejestrowanych w CIEH trenerów i spełnia wszystkie wymagania przewidziane przepisami.

Kurs ten składa się z trzech sekcji zakonczonych testami wielokrotnego wyboru. Po pomyślnym ukończeniu kursu certyfikat jest generowany na żywo on-line, z mozliwoscia drukowania i zapisywania.

Koszt kursu to tylko 20 funtów na osobę z opcja 20% zniżki dla grup studentow w ramach jednej i tej samej firmy.

Driving Licence Expert

Do you use Driving Licences to validate someones identity or to check their entitlement to do something, such as drive?

Can you tell the difference between a real and fake UK Driving Licence? A genuine holder or someone committing Identity Fraud? Are you sure? Confident?

If you are not confident of spotting a fake then the Identity Fraud: Driving Licences course is for you.

This online course delivers everything you need to mitigate your personal and professional liability, limit your exposure to identity fraud, increase your professional knowledge and help you feel more confident in your ability to check licences effectively.

The course has been written by a specialist Serious and Organised Crime Investigator with 30 years police experience. He is forgery detection trained to the highest levels, holds a post graduate diploma (with distinction) from the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences and is nominated as an examiner and manager for the Society’s prestigious Diploma process.

The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences is the only international Forensic Professional body and has a wide membership of forensic specialists drawn from over 60 countries. It actively encourages the professional development of forensic skills through their approval of (CPD) Continuous Professional Development.